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our roots

We grow ’em bigger and better at Mabou Gardens, and we don’t just mean plants! While we have been busy growing our business we have also been growing our family. Our five kids, Ainslie, Jacob, Sophie, Aidan, and Nathan make everyday interesting and provide us with comic relief when the business world gets too stressful. So if you are out visiting one of our stores and see a few kids running wild, say Hi!

We are passionate about a few things: our family, living in Cape Breton, growing the best quality plants we can, and providing the best service to our customers. We live in and around the communities we serve. We have the privilege of being able to meet and talk directly to our customers. We can get to know what they want and need.

We want to give our customers the best product that will be best suited to our area. We can customize and tailor what we grow and the services we provide to each customer’s needs.