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Additional Products & Services

Residential and commercial hanging baskets and planters.
100’s of specimen flowering plants to build your own personalized garden and planters.
100’s of hardy perennial varieties.
Vegetable transplants/containers.

Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales
Fall planters and hanging baskets
Natural Christmas trees
Hand tied wreaths with mail order service


Our SIgnature Floral Arrangements 

Impatiens are a clear favourite for container gardening. An ideal choice for window boxes, hanging baskets and large borders, these cheerful, colourful flowers do well in the shade and are excellent spreaders.


Impatiens are semi-hardy annuals, mainly purchased as young plants in the spring to be planted in containers or in the ground as borders. They’re available in a huge array of colours and several varieties including Busy Lizzies and New Guinea. Sizes vary depending on the variety you choose.

Planting Time:

Impatiens’ are difficult to sow from seed, and it’s much easier to buy them as young plants in May and transplant them into your you garden or containers. If you do want to try sowing from seed, February/March is the time to start. Be sure to ask your local garden expert exactly how to go about it.

Flowering Time:

Flowers will continue to grow and spread all summer long-usually right up until the first frost. Deadheading will encourage new growth.


These pretty flowers will do very well in partial sunlight or moderate shade. Keep out of windy areas. Soil should remain well drained but, particularly if in containers, needs water daily. For optimal results use a time-release fertilizer in multipurpose compost.

After Flowering:

When plants have started to wilt and fade, usually after the first frost, simply remove them.